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Exploratory Blood Panel

ReTesting Your Labs to Find Out

Exactly How Your Body is Responding!


-Comprehensive Retesting of Your Previous Laboratory Results.

- Detailed, Comparative Analysis of Every Examination.

- Tailored Diet & Lifestyle Blueprint for Wellness.

- Exclusive 30-Minute Consultation with the Doctor.

- Custom-Tailored Wellness Strategies for YOUR Needs.

- Navigate to Peak Health with Expert Guidance.

- Revitalize Your Health Journey!





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Order Your Panel

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Follow Up Panels


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Do I Have to Have Every Test Performed Again?

It is important to know how the changes in one area impact the others. Even labs that were normal before can shift when reversing health conditions.

Are There Special Instructions for Getting My Bloodwork Done?


  1. You must be properly hydrated. They will be drawing several vials and this can be challenging if you are dehydrated.

  2. You must fast from food for 12 hours before the blood draw.

  3. You must abstain from rigorous exercise for 24 hours before the blood draw.

What Happens If My Numbers Get Worse?

This can happen if the condition already had a momentum before the first panel. Furthermore, our philosophy is to start with more conservative measures and only work up to more aggressive treatments if needed. There are times when the recommendations require stronger supplementation, greater adherence to the lifestyle changes, or other interventions when necessary. This is why it is important to retest!

What If I Change My Mind?

We offer full refunds within 90 days of purchase as long as you have not had your blood drawn. There are no refunds after lab work has been completed.

Can I Reduce My Medications or Supplementation if My Numbers are Better?

The goal is always to have "food be thy medicine". We don't want you taking anything you don't need to be taking and gladly offer guidance on how to talk to your health care professionals about your treatment.

How Often Should I Be Getting Re-tests?

This depends on existing health conditions, medications, symptoms, and your lab values. In general, we like to re-test 90 days after making any significant recommendations. Once stabilized and symptoms have subsided, it is a good idea to have preventive re-testing every 6-12 months.

Will My Insurance Pay These Blood Panels?

While Exploratory Panels are not covered by insurance, they are HSA and FSA eligible. 

What Makes This Follow Up Panel Different From the Blood Work my Doctor Orders?

Your doctor has access to everyone one of the labs we perform. The difference is that your doctor, very likely, does not have training or the time to give you the natural options to address your results. Our 30 minute one on one report going over your recommendations is included in the price of this service.

What tests are included in the Exploratory Panel?

Exploratory Blood Panels can check for:

*Type II Diabetes

*Kidney Function


*Nutrient Deficiencies

*Muscle and Bone Atrophy

*Digestive Issues

*Liver Function



*Thyroid Function

*Immune System Markers

*Auto Immune Factors


*Hormone Levels

*Cortisol (Stress Hormones)


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