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lab work into a comprehensive road map for your health

Lab Work Consultation

Are you tired of going to the doctor and being handed a prescription instead of real advice? Do you want to know what the bloodwork you already have really says about you? Are you tired of trying to figure out what foods and supplements are right for you?


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Is a Lab Work Consultation

the Right Solution for You?

  • Have you had recent (taken within the last 90 days) comprehensive lab work?

  • Are you looking for more natural solutions for your health?

  • Are you not getting the answers you need from your doctors?

  • Are you confused by all the conflicting information you are finding?

you are not alone

Your blood work may hold the key!

Eliminate the wasted time and frustration of searching the internet for answers. Save yourself from the confusion of contradictory information. Stop wasting money on supplements you don't need. Let us show you how your biochemistry can determine the best support for you and your ideal health.

Real people. real results.

Join the 1000's who are living better with Natural Healthcare

"Dr. Jae Hitson is amazing! She reviewed my blood panels with me and helped me to really see what I need to do to address some real concerns. I am so grateful for her expertise!

- Leisa

"Dr. Jae is very knowledgeable and personable. You can tell by conversing with her that she has compassion for her patients. She is a breath of fresh air to the profession!"

- Sara

"I would highly recommend this for your health needs. I want to take care of the root of the problem by taking the right supplements over filling my body with medication that cause more problems.

- Candace

MEET the founder

Dr. Jae Hitson

It takes years of hands on experience to master the art of naturally reversing disease using blood work analysis, testing products and foods until you get consistent results, and combing through the research to determine what works outside the lab! This is what Dr. Jae Hitson has dedicated her career to finding for her patients and the Good Doctors out there making a difference!

  • Over 20 Years of Experience in Holistic Healthcare and National Speaker

  • Overseen the Successful Care of 10,000s of Patients and is a Pioneer in the Field of Natural Disease Reversal

  • Access to a Vast Network of Experts in the Fields of Modern Medicine and Holistic Healthcare

lab work consultations

Four easy steps to the answers you need

Step one

Purchase Your Lab Work Consultation

In this process, you will be asked about specific issues that you want to have addressed.

step two

Submit Your Doctor's Lab Work

Simply send in your existing blood work for your expert reevaluation.

Step three

We Analyze the Data and Generate Your Report

We assess for the emerging health conditions, create natural solutions for Red Flags, and offer insight on how to reverse ongoing issues.

step four

30 Minute Live Consultation with the Doctor

During this Consultation you will have time to ask all your questions and find out what your biochemistry

international access to the care you need

Lab Work Consultations Are Available Worldwide

This is your chance to get expert advice no matter where you live or where life takes you!

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