About GoodDoctors.Health

Ever reached that moment where you've had enough of the noise—and you're ready to truly make an impact?

I did.

And this is the story behind


-Dr. Jae Hitson

I have been engaged in the more holistic aspect of healthcare for over two decades. During this period, I've participated in the launch and management of over a hundred offices, spoken professionally from coast to coast, run multi-million dollar integrated medical facilities, and wrestled with the red tape and bureaucracy of health insurance companies and the medical establishment. These experiences have brought many blessings, like forging incredible relationships with some of the world's best doctors, gaining priceless education in "Solution-Based" healthcare, and playing a significant role in countless health "miracles" (which occur often when surrounded by knowledgeable people!). Conversely, I have also witnessed the shortcomings of our healthcare system first-hand, and it's far from perfect. Talented doctors and nurses are so overburdened that they lack the time to provide quality care, are hindered by the system, and are bound by protocols that almost guarantee a patient's lack of recovery, resulting in a disheartening "standard of care." The most troubling part is that everyone suffers—the medical staff, the patients, and their families are all weighed down by this flawed system. There has to be a better way!

I began conducting Exploratory Blood Panels years ago and quickly became passionate about the work. The ability to employ science-backed diagnostic tests to offer patients natural health solutions is incredibly rewarding. It's gratifying to see them improve, reduce their dependence on medications, and live the lives they deserve. This system is not only cost-effective but also swift, with patients observing changes in their lab work within just 90 days! At last, there's a system that achieves results for our patients without reliance on drugs, side effects, or invasive procedures. We've been able to reverse major disease processes within months, much to the delight of our patients and their families.

We're currently expanding our testing capabilities, our team, and our outreach. Esteemed colleagues I've encountered throughout my career are joining us to deliver the care they've always aspired to provide. This collaboration enables us to explore further testing possibilities that can offer natural solutions and extend our services to an even greater number of people. GoodDoctors.Health is the nexus for patients and healthcare professionals to achieve genuine results— a sanctuary for patients seeking superior alternatives, and for the compassionate doctors who desire to support these patients when the "standard of care" falls short.

GoodDoctors.Health is a New Era of Healthcare!